It’s Hiking Season!

MountainI’m a cold weather hiker but I couldn’t resist the mountain this balmy October 1st morning with the rare convergence of my boys at preschool, no clients, and abundant sunshine.

I LOVE the mountain – anywhere I can step away from the busyness, noise, and frenetic task list of the world. God put me in the world to serve and so I know I need to live in it now. But I will escape it any chance I get to renew my spirit and listen for Him.

The dirt and rock path is fresh, littered with nature and flooded with rays of light breaking through the patchwork of leaves. It smells sweet like flowers and grass. The mountain is beautifully messy with squirrels sending acorns raining down (next time I might wear a helmet) among the scattered pine straw, jutting rocks, and decaying leaves. I hear crunching under my feet and little sounds of life in the woods. I feel a slight breeze and breathe deeply.

The mountain is a perfect harmony of peace. All things praise God while they…just…BE. The landscape is simply existing. It is exquisite. What if we were to just be? Is it enough to be still, to exist as God made you, praising Him even with the song of your every breath? What if you never amounted to anything by the standards of the world?

I want to surrender with open arms, climb the mountain with the joy of a child, and yell “Who cares?!” God is my only judge. He is the Alpha and the Omega. We will meet Him in the end. What will you tell him about your life?



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