The Experience over the Dollar

Hayden eatingMe: Why does Daddy go to work? To get what?

Hayden: Pizza!

My sweet boys love their Friday pizza dinner when Daddy comes home. It’s so simple and yet one of our favorite family times. The boys actually eat saying “Mmm…yum yum” and Mommy and Daddy can get a couple of slices down before the chaos of “I’m done! Want to get down!” ensues.

I do still struggle with the value of the experience over the dollar, but I realize clearly now that all my children want is to be with me. To hold them tight and to make an array of silly faces or to let them play jump to Mommy, try on my shoes, and give me kisses.

I won’t be taking my boys to Disney land, a week at the beach, or on a flight anywhere soon (unless that elusive money tree in the backyard finally sprouts some green). Our backyard is an unlandscaped precipice and the basement is an unfinished collage of storage items. But that’s ok.

My Mommy job is to create a loving experience that shapes the two souls God has entrusted uniquely to me. It’s really quite amazing and simple. Children don’t care if you have a nice car, if you’re thin or attractive, or whether you vacation at the local park. Despite not providing all the shiny expensive things of the world, my boys are happy and love our home and family.

The key to living the experience is inextricably tied to the challenge of being in the present moment thankful for all you have just as it has been given to you.

Ecclesiastes 5:17: Here is what I see as good: It is appropriate to eat and drink and prosper from all the toil one toils at under the sun during the limited days of life God gives us; for this is our lot.

And you know what? I can embrace creative challenges like throwing up drywall sections in part of the basement so my kids can freely color all over the walls!

Live humbly, simply, and love generously. Tell the false gremlin voices of material comparison and worldly demands to shut it. Breathe deeply. Can you feel the peace in joyfully accepting the present moment? Rest, my dear friend, you ARE enough.


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