Little Shadow Feet

child feetBed time is an exhausting routine with twin boys who move like F-5 tornados. Although they follow the routine fairly well, bed time requires a ton of energy at the end of a long day of pushing through food service, clean up, diaper changes, crying, fighting, and constant demands for something. But there is a moment of sweet joy at the end.

After the bedroom light goes out and the soft night light sets us aglow, I pick up a child and bring him to his crib. One night after I picked up Hayden, I saw it on the wall as he hugged me tight. The outline of his shadow had merged with mine. He was so happy in my arms that he was swinging both his feet. I could see his little shadow feet swinging at my sides as he giggled and said, “I love you Mommy.”

Little happy shadow feet. That is the moment that makes it all worth it. Singing the night time song I made up and doing the “poopie dance” on the way out of the room are precious too, but my heart is full as I see his little feet swing and kiss his clean, soft cheek. I hug my boys tight, kiss them tons, and pray aloud for their safe, healthy, blessed sleep.


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