New Year: How to Do Less, Not More

KissThere are too many moving parts. It’s like water that’s reaching a rapid boil. Bubbles, too many to count, furiously rise to the top demanding action. This is how the busyness of life feels. In 2015, I’m turning down the heat.

Why now as so much is happening and it’s incredibly tempting to add yet more to life? When I feel behind and about as productive as a rock?

This Christmas was unnecessarily busy with anxiety in the air over event timelines, presents, and cooking mass quantities of food (thank you, Grammy). Stuffed with shiny gifts, my spare room looked like an Amazon warehouse. The kids’ new toys and wrapping paper scattered everywhere looked like a tornado went through. There were too many distractions to just enjoy being still and pondering Christ’s birth. I vow next year will be much simpler. Pizza on Christmas Eve anyone?

Another reason to simplify, do less, and be more present is because my memory capacity must have been so overloaded with super mommy tasks that I can’t remember when my boys were babies. They are only 2.5 years old now! I see pictures, but it feels like it was another life, so long ago. I only remember flashes of stressful or joyful moments, not what they felt like, the sounds they made, or a satisfying feeling of just being with those once tiny creatures. Busyness will rob you of your mindfulness. Steal your heart memories.

So now my vision is to strip down the monster machine that churns out my life and rebuild it with only essential parts. I’ll toss out success-driven productivity, extraneous material distractions (hubby, do we really need to buy a TV for our bedroom?), the need to over-clean, and my To Do list junk that’s only there so I don’t feel worthless in the eyes of the world.

1 Jn 2:15, 17: Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.

What will I keep as my essential parts? My life mission – my children. I am charged with the most complicated, challenging, and rewarding task of raising my boys to be high-functioning, loving, faithful men who will witness to the world by following God’s will for them. I will be accountable one day for what God has entrusted to me. Now I give them my best self, a mommy who has made space to tickle and wrestle with them on the floor, laughing and loving while the laundry and bills wait.

Surprise face

I want to untangle complications and relationships. I want to support my husband and be a present, loving partner. I will nurture self-care – faith, exercise, sleep, healthy eating, connections, my own space to recharge. If I don’t pursue this, I know I will find myself acting like a “B” and hiding in the pantry eating chocolate.

That’s it. Less, not more. No expectations beyond fueling love and service for people in my life. I encourage you, dear friend, to examine your life and simplify. What are your true essentials? How do you define your authentic value? In 2015 I wish you abundant love, mindfulness, and a simple life you design with your heart and God’s whisper in your soul.


3 thoughts on “New Year: How to Do Less, Not More

  1. I loved your blog post! I never know what New Year’s goals to make, but I really like your idea of “to do less not more.” I read this talk one time from my church website and I love the questions that were given at the end of it. I use these questions whenever I am thinking about my New Years goals: “What lessons from the past can guide you in the future?” “What blessings do you want to exercise faith to receive?” Here is the link to the talk if you ever feel interested to read it 🙂

    I also really liked your goal to be with your family more, and to create memories! To sit back and enjoy the kids, and enjoy family. That is something I need to do this year.

    Thanks for your blog post! 🙂


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